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The Wavetable Collection Vol. 3

The Wavetable Collection Vol. 3

The Wavetable Collection Vol. 3



RacksForLive is proud to present the Wavetable Collection Vol. 3! This collection features 10 of our expertly crafted Wavetable presets, Moog style, by the RacksForLive sound design team. Find everything you need from synth leads, basses, kicks, fx, and much more! Each Wavetable patch also comes with 8 custom presets uniquely catered to the instrument they affect. An absolutely incredible collection of some new things available for Live 10 users! Cop now!

Here's what you'll find:

  • 10 RacksForLive Wavetable instrument patches built by the sound design team
  • Each instrument patch contains 8 custom presets that process the Wavetable instrument in an insane way
  • The Wavetable Collection 3 features Moog style bass, leads, chorus pads, etc!
  • Compatible with Ableton Live 10+
  • Presets install as a .adg file that should be store in your user library

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