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Star Crossed - Original Samples Rack

Star Crossed - Original Samples Rack



Racksforlive is proud to present some incredible original samples built for the Ableton Live 10 experience! Star Crossed is an original RacksForLive composition from our stash that pays homage to early 1970's Jazz Fusion. This rack is full of analog synths, live drums, and psychedelic textures broken down on pads for you to flip even further! Enjoy these melodic based, original sample racks from the best Ableton Live based site around!

Here's what you'll find:

  • Original Sample Composition by RacksForLive team in .wav format
  • Composition broken down by instrument across 16 pads including bass, analog synths, drums, keys, piano, fx and more
  • Stems included on separated tracks in Session view
  • Racks are compatible with Live 10
  • 1 custom preset FX Rack (8 full banks) to treat the Digi Drums Rack Drum Group (as heard in our demo + interchangeable with other Racks)
  • Preset utilizes Live 10 specific devices such as Echo, Pedal, Drum Buss and more
  • Sample files are in .wav format and can be used within any DAW, software, iOS device, hardware unit that supports