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Rack Life 64 vol.2

Rack Life 64 vol.2

Rack Life 64 vol.2



Enjoy this FREE gift from the team! As the Ableton brainchild of MSXII, RacksForLive [R4L] will serve as the creative outlet for all things Ableton. Numerous creatively put together racks will be available with sounds & styles similar to what you'll hear in Rack Life 64 vol.2.

You'll need a legit email to receive this product, so be sure to leave that. Please see our licensing agreement on our support page for any questions on the use of our sounds. Please enjoy this and stay tuned for more racks, presets, fx, videos, and expansion packs! Thank you for joining the community!

Kit Features:

  • 64 top notch, original RacksForLive created sounds in .wav format
  • 8 custom mapped presets useful for treating these sounds
  • All royalty-free sounds which are useful for immediate use in your production [see our support page]
  • Optimized for Live 9 and up. Embrace the entire experience of RacksForLive products as each offering is built with Ableton Push [1 & 2] in mind


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