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OP-1 Inspired Rack

OP-1 Inspired Rack



In our eyes, the OP-1 is one of the most unique & sought after standalone samplers & synths to have come out in the past decade. The RacksforLive team has made our take on the niche OP-1 as if it were a drum rack & custom FX rack in Ableton Live. 

This rack includes original drum, percussion, & synth samples sculpted in the OP-1 engine as only the RacksforLive team can. Additionally, custom effects racks give unique takes on delays, reverbs, tape stop, our take on the "COW" FX, & other unique OP-1 features all within your Ableton Live setup.

Here's what you'll find:

  • 64 original/unique samples created in the one of a kind sound synthesis in the OP-1 [32 "dry samples & 32 "effected" samples]
  • 4 total drum racks ready to go out the box w/slick and innovative synth, percussion & expertly designed drum samples modeled from within the OP-1
  • 2 racks are "dry" & 2 are run through the analog circuitry of the Elektron Analog Heat & various outboard gear for max texture
  • 1 custom FX Rack modeled after the unique tape stop, delay, and reverb effects in the OP-1 (8 full banks included)
  • 10 Audio Loops to get your ideas cooking

demo beat not included. this is to showcase the preset capabilities & fun.