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EMU Mo Phatt Racks

EMU Mo Phatt Racks



RacksForLive is proud to present that most classic Mo Phatt Rack! Our first edition of this rack brings you classic EMU Mo Phatt sounds that were resampled, ran through unique chains, and brought to you with presets that will take your production to a new level. Beyond it's immediate dopeness, this rack is simply fun. One of our favorite pieces of gear that we're pleased to bring to you!

Here's what you'll find:

  • EMU Mo Phatt rack (Live 9+), packed, with unique Mo Phatt samples in .wav format
  • 1 Drum Group
  • Mo Phatt samples redesigned & creatively reimagined for new inspiration
  • 5 audio clips (grooves, idea starters)
  • 1 custom preset FX Rack (8 full banks) to treat the Mo Phatt Rack (interchangeable with other Racks)