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Our parent co. MSXII Sound Design dropped a dope, unique custom Bleep Drum in collaboration with Bleep Labs. True to that lo-fi sound, we've taken some of the most unique samples we could bend out of the bleep drum, processed them with intense character, and made racks out of them. The experience with our Bleep Drum is unlike anything you've heard before. In addition to that, you'll get 8 custom presets we've specifically designed to enhance this drum rack's usability! 

Absolutely insane! Listen to the demo, you'll see why! Here's what you'll find:

  • Bleep Drum Rack (Live 9+), packed, with unique analog processed samples in .wav format
  • 1 Drum Group 
  • Bleep Drum samples creatively reimagined for new inspiration
  • 5 audio clips as heard in the demo (grooves, idea starters)
  • 1 custom preset FX Rack (8 full banks) to treat the Bleep Drum Group (interchangeable with other Racks)