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Even Better Kicks Rack

Even Better Kicks Rack



The RacksForLive Even Better Kicks Rack is a collection of kick drum samples from our personal drum stash processed thru Neve Eq's and tape saturation. Live kicks, analog kicks built from vintage synths and more! All uniquely processed and ready to go. These sit perfect in any musical situation!

Here's what you'll find:

  • 1 Even Better Kicks Rack (Live 10), pack. Built from live drums and vintage synths in .wav format
  • Preset utilizes new devices in Live 10 such as Drum Buss, Pedal, Echo, etc. 
  • Expertly crafted textured by Neve Tape Saturation by the RacksForLive team.
  • 1 Drum Group 
  • 5 audio clips (grooves, idea starters)
  • 1 custom preset FX Rack (8 full banks) to treat the Even Better Kicks Rack Drum Group (as heard in our demo + interchangeable with other Racks)