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RacksForLive team is proud to release the Batteries Not Included Ableton Expansion pack! 

With this expansion, the concept is all cheap, extremely accessible gear...all lofi lofi lofi. We've used cheap musical toys, numerous Casio keyboards (MT-31, SK 5, CZ-1, and the MT-85), VCR's, Roland sp404 and sp404sx, cassettes tapes, found sound, cheap toy microphones and more. 
We were inspired by our favorite things growing up--the original Nintendo with the power pad, Double Dribble the game, Super Contra, the sound from Tecmo Bowl, toys that make sounds like the Speak & Spell, CD walkmans, late 80's clothing, the entire 90s era of cars, sneakers, tv commercials, Starter Jackets, BK Dymacels.
The Batteries Not Included Expansion pack defines an entire era. Us now adults will fall into instant nostalgia. However, our goal is to relay that ANYTHING can be made to sound great.
It doesn't take a lot to make great, creative things. So please enjoy this expansion. We've recording anything and everything. Nothing pristine, but all usable sounds. 
Expansion Features:
  • 15 Drum Racks
  • 480 (240x2 when in .asd format) total samples
  • 40+ Individual custom presets (8 FX grouped)
  • Mastering channel presets
  • Mixing channel presets
  • 60+ Audio loops
  • 60+ Midi loops
  • 1 project audio demo [for reverse engineering ideas]
  • 10 Wavetable Custom presets
  • 10 Operator Custom presets
  • All sounds are completely royalty free for use in your own production. We ask that if anything is used commercially, please credit as "samples cleared courtesy of"