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Batteries Not Included-The Drums Vol. 2

Batteries Not Included-The Drums Vol. 2

Batteries Not Included-The Drums Vol. 2



Racksforlive is proud to present part two of Batteries Not Included - The Drums Series! Volume 2 features some more incredible select sounds from the upcoming full blown expansion! The Drums Vol. 2 features even more hard hitting sub kicks, snappy snares & claps, quirky percussion, and nostalgic fx from vintage analog hardware!

Once again, we're pleased to bring you all of the 80's/90s/2000's sounding things [Nintendos, apps, vintage live drums, field recordings, etc.] we could find! Expertly designed them to work as kicks, snares, hats, percussion, & fx, and then brought them here for you as one of the most innovated drum kits you'll find.

Vol.  2 expands on the incredible collection that's quickly become a producer favorite! Cop it now!

Here's what you'll find:

  • 75 original RacksForLive drums in .wav format
  • Hard hitting subs, kicks, snappy snares, quirky FX, and meticulously sampled percussion
  • Built from field recordings, live drums, NES & Sega Genesis sampling, and many more creative things
  • A peek into the upcoming Batteries Not Included full expansion pack
  • Compatible with any DAW, sampler, iOS device that accepts .wav format
  • Top notch quality only