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Healing & Beatmaking - DJ Sho Nuph

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Not too long ago DJ Sho Nuph reached out to us letting us know how Racksforlive has inspired him. He went on to share that while dealing with some medical issues, he pressed on and continued to make music from his hospital bed. This story is too good not to share. Peep his quoted excerpts below. Then jam his music he's blessed us with...completely inspired by Racksforlive tools!



"I kinda stumbled upon RacksForLive via @miccheckmates IG at the time I was searching for better sounds for my music, due to the fact I was about to spend the next couple years in and out of the hospital. I was prepping myself for the healing time, I was told in early 2016 I had Renal (kidney) cancer due to past kidney failure that I thought was getting better.  Had the cancer removed and eventually removal of full left kidney post  successful transplant in 2017.

That whole time I had been seeing lil Instagram vids of incredible racks stuff I knew would take my mind off the pain & my music to another level.  Late '17 early 2018 started working on all the beats I made while laid up using a lot of the racks and effects especially the SP404 rack. 

With the help of some of my homies of Carepackage Music, and the dope sounds and racks from Racksforlive, I turned my journey through pain to healthiness sound amazing. You have a forever fan and I recommend people to you site every chance I get."


Here's a link to the finished EP: 


Thanks from a forever customer,
Shomari Shanks a.k.a Dj Sho Nuph